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We have extensive experience in nearly all phases of environmental planning services, environmental management activities, and the preparation of related documentation. Our experience includes

  • Environmental assessment and analysis
  • Watershed and water quality management planning
  • Economic and risk analysis
  • Environmental program management
  • Environmental regulation development

Environmental Assessments and Analysis

Our environmental assessment and analysis capabilities include NEPA-related work for a variety of agencies and industries. RTI staff have performed environmental assessments (EAs) and prepared environmental impact statements (EIS) and have prepared NEPA documentation for agencies including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense. Our ecologists are experienced with field and vegetation studies and threatened and endangered species surveys. RTI staff have performed dozens of endangered species surveys both in support of NEPA compliance and for commercial clients in support of environmental permit applications.

Watershed and Water Quality Management Planning

We work with federal, state, and local agencies and commercial clients to implement requirements of the Clean Water Act. We have provided these services to over 30 states, several EPA program offices, and all 10 EPA Regions, major industrial clients, and several European countries. Our capabilities in watershed and water quality management planning include

  • Watershed information management system development  (e.g., designing and implementing the EPA Waterbody System)
  • Water quality modeling (e.g., wasteload allocation/load allocation/modeling for NPDES permits)
  • Watershed management (e.g., watershed modeling and nutrient management)
  • Watershed monitoring and assessment (e.g., Preparation of National Fish Sampling and Analysis Guidance).

Economic and Risk Analysis

We have provided economic analysis of environmental regulations and other government interventions for over 30 years using advanced empirical methods derived from accepted economic concepts, principles, and theories. Our economists have developed the economic and cost benefit analysis for dozens of regulations promulgated under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and Toxic Substances Control Act.

We have substantial experience in characterizing alternative types of standards, including both technology and performance standards; economic instruments, including charges, transferable rights, and subsidies; and a wide range of alternatives to these traditional approaches, including information provision and the establishment of eco-parks. This has included all the major environmental legislation.

Our environmental scientists, toxicologists, modelers, and ecologists have provided risk analysis services to government agencies (e.g., EPA and ATSDR) for over 25 years. We have developed a reputation as a leader in the field of exposure and risk assessment. Our capabilities are particularly well demonstrated through three contracts.

  • For ATSDR, we developed over 100 toxicologic profiles.
  • For EPA's Office of Solid Waste, we have performed complex assessments of hazardous waste combustors, developed the technical modules for the Multimedia, Multipathway and Multiple Receptor Risk Analysis (3MRA) model, and conducted numerous national risk assessments to support regulatory decisions.
  • For EPA's Human Exposure Assessment Survey, we conducted a multimedia, multicontaminant program to produce reliable estimates of status and trends in human exposure to potentially harmful environmental agents.

Our experience covers site-specific analysis as well as national scale studies. In addition to developing site-specific risk assessment guidance for hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities, we have performed numerous site-specific exposure and risk assessments.

Environmental Program Management

  • Environmental program management capabilities that we offer include
  • Environmental program/project planning
  • Technical document review
  • Quality assurance oversight
  • Community relations/outreach support (including web site development)
  • ISO 14000 program support
  • Consultation and support on environmental justice issues.

Our community relations experience includes outreach to states, regions, industry, and the general public. We have experience providing all types of outreach materials to a variety of audiences using a full range of outreach mechanisms. We have developed Internet-based computer tools such as the Solvent Alternatives Guide (SAGE) and the Coatings Guide that are linked with EPA compliance assistance centers. We developed a system for EPA's Office of Research and Development to make their documents available to the public through the Internet and to routinely make outreach products available through Internet posting. We provided support to Enviro$ense by maintaining and operating the backup Web site. We have also provided support for the development and operation of hotlines that provide environmental compliance information.

Our staff provide expertise in implementing environmental management systems for various operations and also provide economic and environmental expertise in the use of the ISO 14001 speciation standard for environmental management systems as a policy tool. In cooperation with EPA, we developed a web-based computer tool to assist users in assessing the environmental performance impact of their ISO 14001 systems. We also assessed ways to use ISO 14000 to expand the use of environmental information in the banking industry.

We have experience supporting federal agencies in their environmental justice strategies. We facilitated an EPA focus group that identified tools for incorporating environmental justice concerns into issues of siting hazardous waste facilities. We worked with EPA on a public information booklet to help permit applicants use environmental justice tools.

Environmental Regulation Development

We provide regulatory development technical support to EPA programs in air, water, solid and hazardous waste and toxic substances. The 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act also required EPA to establish technology-based emission standards for existing and new sources of hazardous air pollutants, to propose New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), and to prepare Control Techniques Guideline (CTG) documents that provide information and data to assist the states in developing emission regulations for their ozone implementation plans. In addition, Section 3004(n) of RCRA also required EPA to set standards for hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. Under these statutory requirements, EPA develops and issues numerous regulatory and policy actions under short statutory deadlines. We have played a major role in EPA's meeting its CAA and RCRA statutory requirements for regulatory development by providing sound technological support to the Agency throughout the past two decades.