Advanced Gasification

Over the past 15 years, we have established a broad knowledge base and world-class facilities for advanced gasification research, in particular for syngas cleaning and conditioning, syngas conversion and utilization, and biomass gasification. We have state-of-the-art facilities to carry out lab- to pilot-scale R&D and the experience to positively impact the overall energy efficiency and cost of gasification systems.

RTI's novel warm syngas clean-up technology is a prime example of our ability to take technologies from initial concept to large-scale demonstration. This technology will soon be demonstrated at a 50-MWe scale at Tampa Electric's Polk Power Station.

Technologies and Projects

Warm Syngas Desulfurization Technology

Our warm syngas clean-up technology platform removes syngas contaminants at 200°C and above, resulting in thermal efficiency improvements over conventional processes. Core to this platform is our desulfurization process that uses a specially engineered sorbent and proven process design to remove sulfur species from syngas and convert them to SO2. We were recently awarded $170M to conduct a pre-commercial demonstration of this technology coupled with carbon capture and sequestration. Read more about our warm syngas clean-up technology.

Direct Sulfur Recovery Process

Our direct sulfur recovery process (DSRP) catalytically reduces the SO2 from the warm syngas desulfurization process into elemental sulfur. The DSRP maintains high-temperature, high-pressure operation of the warm syngas cleanup technology platform.

Multicontaminant Syngas Cleaning

We have developed fixed-bed sorbent systems for removal of syngas contaminants other than sulfur (for example, mercury, ammonia, chlorine, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, carbon dioxide). These systems operate at high temperature and retain the thermal efficiency advantage of our syngas cleanup platform.

Co-Production Processes

We are developing a highly efficient "steam-iron" process for the co-production of electricity and hydrogen. This process uses a novel iron-based catalyst with improved catalyst reactivity, chemical stability, and mechanical strength compared to conventional catalysts.

Reverse-Selective Membranes

We have developed an alternative approach for syngas contaminant removal—reverse-selective membranes. This technology separates gases by chemical property rather than size allowing for CO2 and H2S to be removed from syngas at low pressure while maintaining a high-pressure, H2-rich process gas.

Biomass Gasification

Leveraging expertise built through coal gasification R&D, we are conducting innovative research in the cleanup of biomass gasification syngas. Read more about our development efforts in biomass gasification.

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