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12-9-2015 New study says talk therapy as good as meds or major depression
– Health
Talk therapy and antidepressants could both be equally effective as stand-alone treatments for major depressive disorder, new research indicates.
12-8-2015 Talk therapy vs meds for major depression
– WebMD
Talk therapy and antidepressants could both be equally effective as stand-alone treatments for major depressive disorder, new research indicates.
12-8-2015 No treatment difference between some antidepressants and CBT for severe depression
– Science Daily
Available evidence suggests no difference in treatment effects of second generation antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy either alone or in combination, for patients with major depressive disorder, finds a new study.
7-22-2015 Are we finally ready to invest in people, not prisons?
– Psychology Today Blog
I sometimes wonder where we’d be today if instead of declaring war on drugs in the 1970s, we had declared ourselves ready to help substance users quit.
7-20-2015 Believe it or not, texting may help surgical patients with pain management
– Tech Times
Finally, there's some good news for frequent texters: a recent study shows that digital communication may help minimize the need for pain medication and management.
4-21-2015 RTP company leads study for 'fast-acting' PTSD treatment
Research Triangle Park's RTI International is leading a new study on a medical procedure that it says will better treat post-traumatic stress disorder among U.S. service members.
4-21-2015 Researchers to test PTSD treatment with $2 million federal grant
– Stars and Stripes
A Triangle research institute has received a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to test a medical procedure to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.
10-22-2014 RTI International, University of Pittsburgh test effectiveness of pediatric substance use prevention programs among low-income youth
In an effort to prevent substance use and related behaviors among low-income youth, RTI International, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, received a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to test the effectiveness of integrating and adapting a substance use screening tool for youth with a brief family-based prevention intervention, for use in primary care pediatric clinics.    
8-8-2014 Behavioral health data exchange faces tech, privacy obstacles
A recent report of a successful pilot of interstate behavioral health data exchange by a coalition of states demonstrated that some technical and operational barriers remain before such data can be exchanged nationwide.
7-10-2014 Health IT pilot successfully exchanges behavioral health data across state lines
In an effort to further the interoperability of health information, a pilot project successfully demonstrated the exchange of patient electronic behavioral health data across state lines.
6-30-2014 Behavioral health data pilot shows mixed results
– Health Data Management
A pilot project for the exchange of electronic behavioral health data between states has uncovered technical and operational challenges.
6-30-2014 Conservatives slam 'expanded definition' of rape
– Al Jazeera America
“Rape and sexual assault conjure up violent images of someone attacking me, that someone is often a stranger… and they’re beating me, they’re hurting me,” Chris Krebs, a senior researcher at RTI International, and the lead author of the study, told America Tonight. “…We did what we thought would give us the most accurate estimate of what met the legal definition for rape and sexual assault.”
6-30-2014 Pain, opioid use surprisingly high in soldiers returning from war
– Chicago Tribune
U.S. Army researchers have found that soldiers coming home from war suffer from chronic pain and use prescription opioids at far higher rates than civilians.
11-6-2013 Funding cuts to hit smoking cessation programs
– The Observer-Dispatch
Want to quit smoking? Think a class could help? Better take it by June 30.
10-17-2013 Thought Leader Forum Focuses on Tobacco Control Efforts 15 Years after Far-reaching Civil Litigation
Leading tobacco control experts from RTI International, government officials and advocates will discuss the successes and challenges of tobacco control 15 years after the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) at a thought leader forum at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Oct. 23.
10-8-2013 Regulating Medical Apps: Which Ones and How Much?
– British Medical Journal
Close to 100?000 health related apps for smartphones are now available on the two major mobile device software platforms, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Medical apps have generated more than three million US downloads on iOS alone.
9-22-2013 Tax Drumbeat Grows Louder
– Food Business News
Two recent reports reached different conclusions regarding the question of whether to tax sugar-sweetened beverages.
9-19-2013 RTI International, Partners to Study Decision Making Around Tobacco Use
RTI International is joining Georgia State University's School of Public Health and the University of Illinois, Chicago to study the human and economic factors that affect people's decisions to use tobacco products.
9-19-2013 FDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Centers to Include Two at UNC Chapel Hill
– Winston-Salem Journal
The Food and Drug Administration plans to spend up to $273 million over five years to operate 14 tobacco centers of regulatory science, two of which will be based at UNC Chapel Hill.
9-11-2013 RTI International Researcher Describes Need to Use Prevention Strategies to Improve Child Health, Well-Being at Congressional Briefing
At a congressional briefing on mental health and drug abuse, Diana Fishbein, Ph.D., a senior fellow in behavioral neuroscience at RTI International, described how prevention strategies need to be used to avert child and adolescent mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and thus alleviate social and economic burdens for treatment and care.
9-9-2013 Sugar Tax Won't Address Obesity
Further evidence has highlighted how the health benefits of taxing sugary beverages would be offset by consumers switching to other unhealthy foods, according to a major new study backed by the US Department of Agriculture.
8-31-2013 The Myth of the Business-busting Smoking Ban
– The Herald
As more and more of the nation has acted to protect employees from being poisoned on the job, our Legislature has steadfastly refused to adopt smoke-free workplace laws. Lawmakers argue that whether to ban smoking should be left to business owners – and in particular bar and restaurant owners, since most other businesses already ban smoking – because 1) it just should be and 2) a ban will cost bars and restaurants money.
7-11-2013 Eric Johnson to Serve as Chair at Center for Scientific Review
Eric Johnson, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at RTI International, has been selected to serve as chair of the Behavioral Genetics and Epidemiology Study Section at the Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health.
5-24-2013 Big Tobacco Lights Up e-Cigarettes
– British Medical Journal
E-cigarettes, more formally electronic nicotine delivery systems, were introduced in 2007. They are battery powered, cigarette shaped devices that vaporize nicotine so that it can be inhaled. E-cigarettes are currently a relatively tiny market. In the United States they accounted for about $500m (£330m; €390m) in sales last year, perhaps 0.5% of tobacco receipts.
3-26-2013 Bloomberg Seeks End to Cheap Cigarettes
– New York Times
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg opened a new front in his antismoking campaign last week when he proposed new legislation that would require stores to keep tobacco products out of sight, making New York the first city in the nation to do so.
3-12-2013 If we are going to share, could we use this Syringe please?
– Daily Kos
The Journal of International Drug Policy is reporting that circumstantial evidence from a variety of models show that using a newly developed syringe that reduces dead space by a thousand percent from current syringes has high probablity that HIV, Hepatitis C and other blood borne diseases could be reduced to zero within 8 years. William A. Zule and several other researchers contend that changing the current syringe design could almost completely eliminate HIV transmission to the user and their family and/or sexual partners caused by needle sharing.
3-6-2013 Survey to Gauge Adult Tobacco Use
– Gulf Times
A Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) is being launched today in a bid to gather data on tobacco use among residents aged 15 years and above. The initiative, which is expected to boost anti-tobacco programmes in Qatar, will continue until May 6.
2-28-2013 Minn. Senate Considers Raising Tobacco Taxes
– Minnesota Public Radio
A state Senate committee heard three bills Thursday that would increase tobacco taxes in Minnesota.
2-6-2013 Letting Kids Drink Wine
– Vitals Blog
In my Italian family, wine was always part of the Sunday dinner. For adults. For kids. My grandmother used to sneak it into our soda. We didn’t like it, but she claimed it was good for the blood. Turns out that she was right.
2-6-2013 Smuggling Undermines Tobacco Tax Hike Goals
– Mackinac Center for Public Policy
North Dakota State Rep. Eliot Glassheim has proposed a hike (HB 1387) in that state’s cigarette excise tax from 44 cents to $1.00 per pack, a 127 percent increase. While his intentions are good — he says he wants to help people quit smoking — it’s doubtful as many people as he believes will do so due to tax avoidance.
2-6-2013 Do Sin Taxes Stop the Sinning?
– The Journal
Gov. Mark Dayton is proposing a 94 cent per pack increase in the state tax on cigarettes as part of his budget proposal this year. The increase would raise $370 million in new revenue, the governor says.
12-21-2012 Does Gay Marriage Improve Health?
– British Medical Journal
Two recent events in the United States have brought the issue of same sex marriage back to the top of the news. Firstly, on election day, 6 November, three states legalized same sex marriage and a fourth voted down a ban on same sex marriage. This brought the number of states that have approved gay marriage to nine.
12-20-2012 Taxing Unhealthy Foods Not Effective in Promoting Healthier Choices
– Food Product Design
States or cities that implement sales taxes on unhealthy foods in an effort to promote healthy eating often miss the mark because many consumers are simply unaware of tax differences sold in grocery stores, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. The findings suggest raising taxes on the production and distribution of unhealthy foods may be more effective method to promote healthier food choices.
12-19-2012 States Aiming to Promote Healthy Eating Through Sales Taxes Often Miss the Target
– Science Daily
Increasing sales taxes on sugary foods to promote healthier food choices among grocery store shoppers is unlikely to be effective because many consumers are unaware of the tax differences on food items sold in grocery stores, according to a new study by RTI International and Cornell University.
12-10-2012 Fewer Teens Buy Cigarettes When Displays Are Hidden
– All Africa
Teenagers are less likely to buy cigarettes if they are not displayed in plain sight behind shop counters, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics.
12-10-2012 Teens Smoke Less When Cigarettes Are Out of Sight
– Mother Nature Network
A new study has concluded that teens buy less tobacco when tobacco displays are out-of-sight.
12-10-2012 'Hiding' Cigarettes in Stores May Lessen Teen Smoking, Study Finds
– Deseret News
Teens may be less likely to try to buy cigarettes at convenience stores if they aren't available in plain sight behind the counter, a new study using a virtual reality game suggests.
12-10-2012 Out of Sight Out of Mind: "Hiding" Tobacco Products in Stores May Stop Kids From Trying Cigarettes
– Medical Daily
Teens are significantly less likely to try to buy cigarettes if they are hidden from view, a new study suggests.
12-10-2012 'Hiding' Cigarettes in Stores Might Keep Kids From Smoking: Study
– U.S. News & World Report
U.S. teens are much less likely to buy cigarettes if they are hidden from view, new research suggests.
12-10-2012 Hide Cigarette Display and Teens Buy Less, Says New Study
– Christian Science Monitor
A new study conducted using a virtual reality game suggests teens may be less likely to try to buy cigarettes at convenience stories if they aren't sold in plain sight behind the counter.
12-3-2012 Policies Banning Tobacco Product Displays May Deter Youth Tobacco Purchases
Policies that ban tobacco product displays at the point of sale may help reduce youth smoking by deterring youth from purchasing tobacco products at retail stores, according to a new study by RTI International and Tarheel Technologies.
12-3-2012 Size does matter ... for a syringe
– Durham Herald-Sun
December 1 was World AIDS Day, a day to raise awareness on the scourge of HIV/AIDS in our community and to remember our fallen loved ones.
10-31-2012 Kids who smoke menthol more likely to get hooked
– Chicago Tribune
Kids who experiment with menthol cigarettes are more likely to become habitual smokers than their peers who start out with the regular variety, new research findings suggest.
10-28-2012 Why Smokers Shouldn't Be Scared Of The WHO's Global Recommendations For Cigarette Taxes
– Business Insider
The World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control said it will discuss creating its own recommendations for member states on cigarette taxes at a November conference in Seoul, South Korea.
10-9-2012 Study Evaluates Impact of Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads
– News-Medical
"Harder hitting ads worked equally well, regardless of how much you wanted to quit, how much your income is and your level of education," said Matthew C. Farrelly, Ph.D., chief scientist at RTI International in Research Triangle Park, N.C., and lead author on the study.
10-9-2012 Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads Increase Attempts to Quit
– Science Daily
Graphic and/or emotional television anti-smoking ads get more smokers to try to quit than less intense ads, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
10-8-2012 The Great Cigarette-Tax Lie
– The Post
New York’s highest-in-the-nation cigarette taxes are failing to drive down smoking rates; instead, they’re just putting a heavy extra burden on poor New Yorkers. A new study funded by the state’s Department of Health confirms these ugly facts.
10-7-2012 Kids Tasting Alcohol May Not Be Good Idea
– United Press International
One-in-4 U.S. moms say young children tasting alcohol may discourage teen drinking, while 40 percent say banning alcohol may make it appealing, a study found.
10-2-2012 Low-income Smokers in NY Spend Quarter of Income on Cigarettes
– Washington Square News
Low-income smokers in New York state spent close to 25 percent of their income on cigarettes in 2010-2011, according to a study conducted by the Public Health and Policy Research program of Research Triangle Institute International.
10-2-2012 Cigarette Taxes Hurting but Not Working
– TobaccoReporter
Higher cigarette taxes may be hurting New York’s low-income smokers financially rather than making them more likely to quit, according to an ABC report quoting the results of a new survey by researchers at RTI International.
9-27-2012 Why It's Dangerous to Let Your Kid Try Sips of Alcohol
– iVillage (HealthDay News)
Many parents wrongly believe that allowing young children to taste alcohol may discourage them from drinking when they're teens, a new study finds.
9-25-2012 Screening, Counseling Helps Reduce Risky Drinking
Screening adults aged 18 and older, including pregnant women, for alcohol misuse and brief behavioral counseling interventions can help adults with risky or hazardous drinking reduce their alcohol intake, according to a new draft recommendation statement posted by the United States Preventive Services Task Force.
9-23-2012 Study: Low-Income Smokers Spend 25 Percent Of Income On Cigarettes
– CBS -Washington
Low-income smokers in New York spend 25 percent of their income on cigarettes. A new study by RTI International caused a smokers’ rights advocate to say it proves high taxes are regressive and ineffective in deterring smokers.
9-23-2012 Many parents believe allowing kids to taste alcohol discourages later use
– News Track India
Washington, September 23 (ANI): A quarter of mothers believe that letting young children taste alcohol may discourage them from drinking in adolescence and 40 percent believe that not allowing children to taste alcohol will only make it more appealing, a new study has found.
9-22-2012 State-funded study: Cigarette tax hurts New York’s poor most Read more:
– The Daily Caller
A study conducted on behalf of the New York State Department of Health has revealed that cigarette taxes hurt the poorest New Yorkers the most.
9-21-2012 Cigarette Tax Burdens Low-Income, Doesn't Deter Smoking
– ABC News
Higher cigarette taxes may be financially hurting low-income smokers rather than making them more likely to quit, according to a new survey by researchers at RTI International.
9-21-2012 Parents (Mistakenly) Believe Letting Kids Drink Alcohol Early Discourages Later Use, Study Says
– Huffington Post
A surprising number of parents believe that early exposure to alcohol will discourage children from drinking in adolescence and help prevent alcohol abuse later on, according to a new study from the RTI International and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
9-20-2012 U.S. Cigarette Tax Hits Poor Hardest
– RIA Novosti
Despite higher cigarette taxes in the U.S., low-income smokers spend a disproportionate amount of money on cigarettes compared to wealthier smokers, according to a new study by the nonprofit research and development group RTI International.
9-20-2012 Many Parents Let Kids Taste Alcohol
– Everyday Health
Have you ever let your children sip your beer or wine? Did your parents allow you a swig or two growing up? It's not unheard of for parents to give kids a taste of alcohol.
9-19-2012 State Obesity Rates Could Skyrocket by 2030
– USA Today
About two-thirds of adults in Mississippi and several other states will be obese by 2030 if obesity rates continue to climb as they are now, an analysis reports today
9-19-2012 Many Parents Believe that Letting Young Children Taste Alcohol Discourages Later Use, Study Finds
One in four mothers believe that letting young children taste alcohol may discourage them from drinking in adolescence and 40 percent believe that not allowing children to taste alcohol will only make it more appealing, according to a new study by RTI International and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
9-18-2012 Fat and Getting Fatter: US Obesity Rates to Soar by 2030
– Chicago Tribune
If Americans stick to their eating and exercise habits, future historians will look back on the early 21st century as a golden age of svelte.
9-17-2012 Cigarette Taxes 'Disproportionately Burden' the Poor, Report Says
– U.S. News & World Report
New research finds that high cigarette taxes take a heavy toll on low-income smokers, compared to those who are wealthier.
9-17-2012 Parents, offering your kids sips of booze may backfire
– Today Moms
Public health analyst Christine Jackson and her colleagues read hundreds of comments online by parents who share similar beliefs as Zidel’s. People were certain that offering kids sips of booze at home would encourage responsible drinking behavior later in life. But despite their best intentions, these moms may be mistaken.
9-14-2012 Poor Spend Bigger Percentage on Smoking
– United Press International
High cigarette taxes are effective at reducing cigarette smoking, but U.S. researchers say they disproportionally burden low-income smokers.
9-14-2012 Low-Income Smokers See 23 Percent of Their Income Go Up in Smoke
– Everyday Health
Low-income smokers in New York, the state with the nation's highest cigarette tax ($4.35 per pack), spent nearly a quarter — 23.6 percent — of their household income on cigarettes in 2010-2011, according to researchers at RTI International, a not-for-profit research organization based in Research Triangle Park, N.C.
9-13-2012 High Cigarette Taxes Disproportionately Burden Low-Income Families
Although high cigarette taxes are effective at reducing cigarette smoking, they disproportionally burden low-income smokers, according to a new study by researchers at RTI International.
9-13-2012 High Cigarette Taxes Disproportionately Burden Low-Income Families
– Science Daily
Although high cigarette taxes are effective at reducing cigarette smoking, they disproportionally burden low-income smokers, according to a new study by researchers at RTI International.
9-12-2012 Report Finds Multiple Interventions Increase Likelihood Patients with Chronic Diseases Will Take Prescribed Medications
Although patients with chronic conditions who do not take medications as prescribed tend to have poorer health outcomes and higher health care costs than those who adhere to medication regimens, a new report sheds light on the potential for multiple interventions to improve medication adherence.
9-11-2012 Lower Costs May Mean More Patients Stick with Meds
– Reuters
When people with chronic health conditions have lower out-of-pocket costs for medications, they are more likely to actually fill their prescriptions, according to a new research review.
8-16-2012 Michigan Crime Lab Chief Resigns
– The Detroit News
The head of the Michigan State Police forensic crimes division said Wednesday he's resigning less than a month after helping to win a coveted international accreditation for the department's seven crime labs.
11-8-2011 RTI International to Evaluate Program Designed to Transform Community Health
Researchers at RTI International will evaluate the effectiveness of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Community Transformation Grant program as part of an effort to establish healthier communities.