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11-26-2014 RTI International on development challenges (and opportunities) in East Africa
– Devex
Mubita Lifwatila of RTI International discusses development challenges (and opportunities) in East Africa.
11-24-2014 Not quite Fragile X: probing the premutation
– Biome
Here we ask one of the contributing authors Donald Bailey from the RTI International, USA, how the premutation manifests, what the challenges are in treating premutation carriers, and what some of major open questions in the field currently are.
11-23-2014 Higher Medicaid reimbursements for routine office visits linked to more cancer screening tests
– News Medical
11-21-2014 Solar power backers: Leave friendly NC laws alone
– WRAL TechWire
A report by the independent research firm RTI International released in April said about $2.7 billion million was invested in North Carolina clean energy development between 2007 and 2013.
11-21-2014 Solar power backers: Leave friendly NC laws alone
– News & Observer
Solar energy advocates urged North Carolina legislators on Thursday to resist pressure from big energy interests and leave in place incentives that have sprouted an industry that employs 3,000 statewide.
11-21-2014 Solar power backers: Leave friendly NC laws alone
– Associated Press
A report by the independent research firm RTI International released in April said about $2.7 billion was invested in North Carolina clean energy development between 2007 and 2013.
11-21-2014 Confluence of religion and politics: Extremism on the rise in Indonesia
– DW
In a DW interview, Robin Bush, a Jakarta-based Southeast Asia expert at the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), talks about the reasons behind the surge in blasphemy-related convictions over the past years and explains why she hopes that newly elected President Joko Widodo will be much more supportive of minority rights and religious freedom than his predecessor.
11-21-2014 Solar power backers: Leave friendly NC laws alone
– Bloomberg Businessweek
11-21-2014 Solar power backers: Leave friendly NC laws alone
– Yahoo! News
A report by the independent research firm RTI International released in April said about $2.7 billion was invested in North Carolina clean energy development between 2007 and 2013.
11-19-2014 RTI International launches University Scholars Program
RTI International launched a new faculty scholars program to build external collaboration and catalyze opportunities for funded, joint work with top academic scholars at Duke University, North Carolina A&T University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
11-19-2014 Publication's debut addresses pain among older adults
– Medical Xpress
The first issue of a new publication series from The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) called From Policy to Practice explores pain as a public health problem and takes a look at how various policies impact the care provided to patients in a range of practice settings.
11-19-2014 Letter: Help is available for smokers, and to stop kids from starting
– The Buffalo News
According to an independent report conducted by RTI International for the New York Tobacco Control Program, tobacco use is still the leading cause of preventable disease and death, killing nearly 24,000 New Yorkers every year and afflicting nearly 600,000 New Yorkers with serious disease directly attributable to their smoking.
11-17-2014 Measuring community college student success: Beyond traditional completion rates
– The Evolllution
With more than 1100 institutions enrolling over 10 million students nationwide, community colleges constitute the largest postsecondary education sector in the country.
11-14-2014 Dr. James Rosenzweig joins RTI Health Solutions adding expertise in diabetes, endocrinology, and clinical drug development
James Rosenzweig, MD, has joined RTI Health Solutions (RTI-HS), a business unit of RTI International, as senior director of clinical consulting. 
11-14-2014 RTI International experts to present at annual public health meeting
RTI International public health researchers will present at the American Public Health Association’s 142nd Annual Meeting & Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana, Nov. 15-19.
11-13-2014 Yes, doctor, I took my anti-HIV meds (but really, I didn't)
Ariane van der Straten, one of the lead researchers, says some women went to great lengths to dispose of their pills and gel in a secretive way, so as to avoid suspicion from neighbors.
11-12-2014 Using chemistry to treat substance abuse and Parkinson's disease
– American Scientist
F. Ivy Carroll is a distinguished fellow for medicinal chemistry at the Research Triangle Institute, where he is the director of their Center for Organic and Medicinal Chemistry.
11-11-2014 The afterlife of plastic
– Al Jazeera America
But Keith Weitz, an environmental scientist at RTI International, a nonprofit research institution that tracks waste management, says the technology is not quite there: “We’re a good few years out before we see how well the first-generation facilities work in real-world settings.”
11-10-2014 New RTI Fellows chosen
RTI International has named Grier Page, Ph.D., as an RTI Senior Fellow, and Sujha Subramanian, Ph.D., and Michael Willoughby, Ph.D., as RTI Fellows.
11-7-2014 Mentor Spotlight: Meaghan McGrath
– US2020 RTP
US2020 RTP recently started training and placing mentors at different nonprofits, schools, and universities in Durham and Wake County. Meaghan McGrath is one of our first STEM professionals to go through our mentor training and sign up for opportunities on our Mentor Matching Platform.
11-6-2014 RTI International to collect survey data for largest national study on adolescent health
RTI International will serve as the survey data collection subcontractor for the largest national study on adolescent health in the United States, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health). The study, led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Carolina Population Center, will build upon four previous waves of data collected as part of Add Health.
11-5-2014 RTI International receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant to develop smartphone technology to determine gestational age at birth
RTI International has received a Grand Challenges Exploration grant, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to develop a low-cost, automated method to determine gestational age at birth using smartphone ophthalmoscopy.
10-31-2014 We can't replace local organizations
– Devex
The Ebola crisis in West Africa has highlighted how crucial it is not just to have enough health professionals, but also how important it is to have an efficient logistics and health delivery system.
10-30-2014 Tim Cook and the diversity problem in the C-suite
– Marketplace
"We know that Fortune 500 companies often target their recruiting at elite colleges," says Alexandria Walton Radford, who directs the Transition to College program at RTI International.
10-30-2014 Doctors end strike after talks with CM
– The Times Group
Dr Suneeta Krishnan, a social epidemiologist with Research Triangle Institute in the US and adjunct faculty at St John’s Research Institute in Bangalore, said the doctors’ strike speaks of challenges in the public health system.
10-29-2014 Women who took part in VOICE speak up about why they didn't use HIV prevention products
– Science Codex
Many of the women at first acted surprised. Some insisted the blood tests were wrong. But most conveyed to researchers why they had not used the study products assigned to them as participants in VOICE, a large HIV prevention trial that, as a likely consequence, did not find any of the three products that were tested to be effective.
10-29-2014 The American Community Survey in Action
– Directions Magazine
Scientists from the National Institutes of Health and RTI International use American Community Survey statistics to create “synthetic” populations and simulate the spread of disease.
10-29-2014 USAID and Ministry of Education launch a national mother tongue reading program
– Addis Standard
The USAID READ program is carried out by Research Triangle Institute with the participation of Save the Children, SIL LEAD, Florida State University, Inveneo, and Whiz Kids Workshop.