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4-24-2014 Jennifer Durbin, Carmen Strigel named Triangle Business Journal 2014 40 Under 40 Leadership Awards winners
Triangle Business Journal recognized Jennifer Durbin, information security officer at RTI International, and Carmen Strigel, team leader for Information and Communication Technology for Education Training at RTI, as 2014 40 Under 40 Leadership Awards winners.
4-23-2014 RTI International named Richard Reithinger vice president of Global Health division
 Richard Reithinger, Ph.D., has been promoted to vice president of the Global Health division for the International Development Group at RTI International.
4-23-2014 ACLU checking jails for compliance with rape-prevention law
– The Durham News
A U.S. Department of Justice survey was conducted in 2011-12 by RTI International of 92,449 inmates, including 1,738 interviews of juveniles ages 16 and 17 in jails and prisons and other detention facilities across the country.
4-22-2014 Prakash Doraiswamy appointed to Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association editorial review board
Prakash Doraiswamy, Ph.D., a research environmental scientist at RTI International, has been appointed to serve on the editorial review board of the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association.
4-22-2014 Institute unveils new method to curb malaria transmissions
– IPPmedia
Effective use of Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) can prevent transmission of malaria in regions with highest level of the disease, RTI International has said.
4-21-2014 Report: Out-of-pocket college expenses increased despite more grant and loan aid from 2000 to 2012
Despite an increase in grant and loan aid, out-of-pocket college expenses increased for full-time students in public and private nonprofit institutions from 2000 to 2012, according to a data brief by researchers at RTI International.
4-21-2014 Infection Control and the Built Environment: No Easy Answers
– Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare
For more than 160 years, healthcare providers have understood that aspects of the built or physical environment of hospitals may deter healing or cause patients to develop new health problems, including infections, even as they seek help for existing illness and injuries.
4-20-2014 ACLU checking jails for compliance with rape-prevention law
– News & Observer
The N.C. American Civil Liberties Union has been checking with county jails to see if they are adhering to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, which requires holding youths under 18 separate from adults.
4-18-2014 A Best Children's Hospitals 2014-15 Progress Report
– U.S. News & World Report
Regular readers of this blog know that clinical data are by far the biggest factor in determining whether and where a pediatric center is ranked in any of the 10 Best Children's Hospitals specialties. In the current rankings, those data accounted for 75 percent of a hospital's score. To be evaluated by U.S. News, children's hospitals must supply us with raw numbers by completing a lengthy questionnaire. Enlisting their cooperation is therefore critical. And cooperate they do, more with each passing year.
4-17-2014 Liberia: USAID-EHELD team tours seven countries
– AllAfrica
The USAID-EHELD program, a five-year USAID funded educational project is being implemented by RTI International geared at training Liberian students in Engineering and Agriculture at the University of Liberia and Cuttington University, respectively.
4-16-2014 Consistent health insurance coverage critical to preventive health care
As would be expected, consistent health insurance coverage is critical to receiving appropriate preventive health care.  A new report by researchers at RTI International found that the Affordable Care Act will have a greater impact if gaps in insurance coverage are prevented. 
4-16-2014 CCEMC names 24 Grand Challenge winners; each awarded $500K
– Clean Tech Canada
Two dozen carbon mitigation projects from North America and the United Kingdom have won $500,000 each from an Alberta-based not-for-profit to further development and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
4-15-2014 RTI International developing novel technology to convert CO2 to high-value chemicals
Researchers at RTI International are developing a novel process technology that will convert carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon resources into high-value chemicals that are used to produce everyday products such as ski boots and fishing rods. 
4-15-2014 RTI International named Nicole Barnes vice president of Business Strategy and Communications for its International Development Group
Nicole Barnes has been promoted to vice president of Business Strategy and Communications for the International Development Group at RTI International. 
4-15-2014 RTI report: N.C. clean-energy investment in 2013 nearly equals total for previous 6 years
– Triangle Business Journal
North Carolina companies invested almost $1.3 billion in renewable energy and efficiency projects last year, according to a new report produced by Research Triangle Park-based RTI International and commissioned by the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association.
4-15-2014 Report: Clean energy has positive impact on NC's economy
– WRAL TechWire
Clean energy investments have attracted billions of dollars and created thousands of jobs in recent years throughout North Carolina, according to a new study released on Monday.
4-14-2014 How survey research organizations must adapt to address big data challenges
Research organizations must address challenges posed by big data in order to thrive in an environment where data is collected and stored at an unprecedented rate, suggest authors of an article published in a special issue of the Journal of Organizational Design devoted to big data. 
4-14-2014 TBJ's 40 Under 40 Leadership Awards: 2014 winners revealed
– Triangle Business Journal
Triangle Business Journal on Monday unveiled its 2014 class of 40 Under 40 Leadership Awards winners.
4-14-2014 Getting ready to demo "warm" syngas cleanup at Polk IGCC
– Modern Power Systems
In 2010 RTI was selected by DOE to scale-up its warm syngas desulphurisation technology, which employs a ZnO based sorbent, for an installation in a demo facility at Tampa Electric's Polk IGCC plant (as part of a US national research effort to produce cleaner energy from domestic coal sources).
4-14-2014 Renewable energy industry touts economic benefits
– News & Observer
The N.C. Sustainable Energy Association once again commissioned RTI International to do an independent study.
4-14-2014 NC joined controversial voter cross-check program as other states were leaving
– Facing South
In evaluating ERIC's first year, RTI International, formerly known as the Research Triangle Institute, concluded, "Our analysis, based on high quality, independent data, finds that ERIC states improved on every measure we considered," including boosting voter registration and turnout and eliminating errors in voter files.
4-13-2014 A Sobering Story: Addicts must confront their demons, experts say
– Indiana Gazette
To understand what alcoholism and drug addiction are, it’s necessary to first understand what they aren’t — a character flaw, a moral weakness, or a personal decision on the part of an inherently bad person.
4-11-2014 Nursing homes send too many dementia residents to the hospital in their last year of life, study finds
– McKnight's Long-term Care News & Assisted Living
Nursing homes could do a better job of keeping residents with dementia out of the hospital during their last year of life, suggests recently published findings in Health Affairs.
4-9-2014 TECO breaks ground on $700 million project in polk
– The Ledger
RTI International, a research institute in Durham, N.C., in January completed construction of a $168 million demonstration plant at the Power Station site that could make coal-based electricity production more environmentally friendly and improve the efficiency of current technology.
4-9-2014 Combining previously unpaired materials enables better energy harvesting
A unique combination of two dissimilar high-temperature thermoelectric materials united with different cross-sectional area elements results in a 9.7% conversion efficiency in a single-couple thermoelectric device.
4-9-2014 What are Gwinnett schools doing right? What can we learn from them? District finalist for top prize
– Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The review board evaluated publicly available academic achievement data that were compiled and analyzed by RTI International, a leading global research institute.
4-8-2014 New book aims to advance energy-based economic development initiatives
A new book, Energy-based economic development: How clean energy can drive development and stimulate economic growth, offers a framework to help students, researchers and practitioners shape projects and programs to reach joint goals inherent in clean energy development and economic development.
4-8-2014 Hospital and ED use among Medicare beneficiaries with dementia varies by setting and proximity to death
– Health Affairs
Hospitalizations and emergency department (ED) visits for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders are of particular concern because many of these patients are physically and mentally frail, and the care delivered in these settings is costly.
4-8-2014 Study: Seniors living in community with dementia are more likely to be hospitalized
– News-Medical
Seniors living in the community who have dementia are more likely to be hospitalized and visit the emergency department than those who do not have dementia, according to a new study by researchers at RTI International.
4-8-2014 State pilots test ID management for online services
4-8-2014 E-cigarette advertising expenditures tripled from 2011 to 2012, study finds
– Innovations Report
4-7-2014 Study: Community-living seniors with dementia are more likely to be hospitalized than those without dementia; little difference found among nursing home residents
Seniors living in the community who have dementia are more likely to be hospitalized and visit the emergency department than those who do not have dementia, according to a new study by researchers at RTI International.    
4-7-2014 Community-living seniors with dementia more likely to be hospitalized than those without dementia
– ScienceDaily
Seniors living in the community who have dementia are more likely to be hospitalized and visit the emergency department than those who do not have dementia, according to a new study by researchers at RTI International.
4-6-2014 Doubts on military’s sex assault stats as numbers far exceed those for the U.S.
– Washington Times
The Pentagon’s survey results for the percentage of military women who are sexually assaulted in a year are much higher than the Justice Department’s findings for young women in the U.S.
4-5-2014 Youth letter: Smoking ban was the right thing for City Council to do
– Fort Collins Coloradoan
We’re writing in response to a letter to the editor from March 9, “ Outdoor smoking ban goes too far.” We appreciate Amanda Henchenski’s comments and concern about the Fort Collins outdoor smoking ban.
4-5-2014 Columnist: Military has far to go on women's rights
– Fayetteville Observer
A year ago, the military took a major step forward, finally lifting the ban on women in combat. However, its sluggish progress in actually implementing the integration and two recent sexual-assault cases clearly demonstrate that women's rights in the military face a continuing uphill battle.
4-4-2014 E-cigarette advertising expenditures tripled from 2011 to 2012, study finds
Electronic cigarette advertising expenditures tripled in the United States from $6.4 million in 2011 to $18.3 million in 2012, according to a study by RTI International. 
4-4-2014 Why You Should Spring for a Really Good Mattress
– Yahoo! Finance
Up all night? If you’ve been able to rule out sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders, think twice about reaching for sleeping pills – the culprit might actually be your mattress. Replacing it won’t be cheap, but it may be worth it.
4-4-2014 E-cigarette advertising expenditures tripled from 2011 to 2012, study finds
– Digital Journal
4-3-2014 Academics, practitioners to discuss international development and education initiatives for youth
Leaders from RTI International and Duke University will discuss international development and education initiatives for youth, April 9 on Duke’s campus. 
4-3-2014 #SheBuilds boys and men
– Devex
RTI International just finished a project in South Africa working with men on changing their perceptions of women.
4-2-2014 Health IT projects administered by RTI International expand health information exchange to include patients
In an effort to allow patients to be more engaged in their own health care, RTI International administered a series of pilot projects to provide patients access and control of their electronic health records. 
4-2-2014 Study: MOOCs viewed positively among employers
– Inside Higher Ed
Most North Carolina employers haven't heard of massive open online courses, but about three-quarters of them view MOOCs as having a positive effect on hiring decisions, a survey conducted by Duke University and RTI International shows.
4-1-2014 RTI International distributes two million insecticide-treated nets to reduce malaria transmission in Guinea
In an effort to reduce malaria transmission, RTI International led a mass distribution of more than two million long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in Guinea. 
3-31-2014 Study: MOOCs viewed positively by employers for hiring, training
Many employers are still unfamiliar with massive open online courses, called MOOCs, but once they learned about them, they generally viewed them positively for recruiting, hiring and training employees, according to a new study by researchers at Duke University and RTI International. The study, funded by the Gates Foundation, is the first to evaluate employers’ knowledge, experience and attitudes toward MOOCs. 
3-29-2014 N.C. Zoo marks 40th with two new exhibits
– Courier-Tribune
The N.C. Zoo is kicking off its 40th Anniversary celebration this weekend with the opening of two new exhibits — the renovated and expanded kidZone and “Bugs: An Epic Adventure” — and a variety of entertainment.
3-27-2014 RTI International, partners to expand mobile phone technology to identify and counsel women who experience domestic violence in India
RTI International is partnering with Dimagi and the St. John’s Research Institute to expand the use of mobile phone technology to help primary health care workers identify, counsel, and refer women experiencing domestic violence in Bangalore, India.
3-27-2014 Brian Southwell appointed to the American Journal of Health Promotion editorial board
Brian Southwell, Ph.D., a senior research scientist in the Center for Communication Science and director of the Science in the Public Sphere Program at RTI International, has been appointed to serve on the editorial board of the American Journal of Health Promotion
3-27-2014 Teachers' supervisors get tablets for training
– The Star, Kenya
MORE than 1,000 teacher supervisors will use technology to help improve the quality of teaching in classrooms.
3-26-2014 Launch of National Tablets Programme
– Kenya News Agency
Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Professor Jacob Kaimenyi is taken through the Tablets by Deputy of Head of Office, the Department for International Development (DFID) Kenya Dr. Joanne Abbot as Research Triangle Institute (RTI) Chief of Party, Kenya Primary Math and Reading initiative (PRIMR) Dr. Benjamin Piper looks on during the Official launch of the Department for International Development(DFID) and Kenya-Funded project- Primary Math and Reading(PRIMR) Google Nexus Tablets Programme at a Nairobi Hotel on March 26th.