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8-14-2014 RTI International, Government of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care launch new health information system in Zimbabwe
The Government of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care, assisted by RTI International and supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, launched a new Zimbabwe national health information system with mobile health messaging. 
8-14-2014 RTI International develops novel lung-on-a-chip
Researchers at RTI International, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, have developed a new lung-on-chip microdevice for laboratory studies of respiratory challenges and therapeutics. The microdevice includes multiple vertically-stacked cellular layers that mimic the structure of the airway tissue.
8-13-2014 RTI International, Yachay E.P. sign memorandum of understanding to strengthen knowledge economy in Ecuador
RTI International signed a memorandum of understanding with Yachay E.P., an Ecuadorian public company, to strengthen the knowledge economy in Ecuador by promoting technology and knowledge exchange. 
8-12-2014 F. Ivy Carroll, R.K.M. Jayanty named American Chemical Society Fellows
F. Ivy Carroll, Ph.D., and R.K.M. Jayanty, Ph.D., have been named 2014 American Chemical Society Fellows for their outstanding accomplishments in chemistry and contributions to the American Chemical Society. 
8-12-2014 RTI International and the South African Medical Research Council to address the state of populations most-at-risk for HIV in Cape Town, South Africa
As part of an ongoing effort to reduce HIV transmission in South Africa, RTI International and the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) are co-hosting a policy forum to address the state of key populations at risk of HIV in the Western Cape and discuss findings from two recent prevention studies funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
8-5-2014 RTI International to evaluate career education and training program in Montana
In an effort to strengthen education and career training programs, RTI International has been awarded a contract from the Great Falls College-Montana State University to evaluate the Strengthening Workforce Alignment in Montana’s Manufacturing and Energy Industries project, an initiative sponsored by the Department of Labor aimed at bolstering training programs in two key industries.
8-4-2014 New book explores the use and impact of forensic evidence
A new book, “Forensic Science and the Administration of Justice: Critical Issues and Directions,” explores the use of forensic evidence and its impact on the justice system.
8-1-2014 Survey: Food Safety Professional Lack Knowledge of Norovirus
Food safety professionals’ lack knowledge of norovirus, the most common agent of foodborne disease in the United States, according to a survey by researchers at RTI International, Clemson University, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
7-31-2014 RTI International researcher testifies on technology needs to secure America’s borders
Joseph Eyerman, Ph.D., director of the Center for Security, Defense, and Safety at RTI International and co-director of the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions testified that the successful use of technology to secure America’s borders depends on the ability of workers to employ the technology in a way that allows them to more effectively engage the public. 
7-31-2014 Kami Spangenberg promoted to senior director of communications
Kami Spangenberg has been promoted to senior director of communications at RTI International.
7-30-2014 RTI International statisticians to present new research findings at International Conference in Boston
 RTI International statisticians will present new research related to statistical methodology at the annual American Statistical Association's Joint Statistical Meetings, Aug. 2 - 7 in Boston, Mass.
7-29-2014 Primary school reading initiative boosts literacy in Kenya
Primary school literacy rates in Kenya can be improved through the Primary Mathematics and Reading initiative, according to a journal article by researchers at RTI International and Florida State University.
The study, published in the July 2014 issue of the International Journal of Educational Development, found that the Primary Mathematics and Reading (PRIMR) initiative increased oral reading fluency, reading comprehension and the proportion of children who could read at a set benchmark within one year of implementation.
7-28-2014 Antismoking campaigns effective among minorities and people with lower education, income
Antismoking advertising effectively promotes attempts to quit smoking among vulnerable population groups, including minorities and people with lower education and income, according to a new study by researcher at RTI International.
7-24-2014 Report: Vulnerable populations disproportionately affected by food insecurity, despite public programs
Vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, ethnic minorities, and low-income households are disproportionately affected by food insecurity, despite the extensive private and public food safety net in the United States, according to a new report by RTI International.
7-22-2014 R. Craig Lefebvre awarded Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award
R. Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., lead change designer in the Center for Communication Science at RTI International, has been awarded the Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award, "The Kotler Glass."