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4-24-2016 How Google trends predicted Donald Trump's rise, and what it means or polling
– The Huffington Post
4-11-2016 The perilous connection between HIV and gender inequality
– The Advocate
HIV has a global face, and it is the face of women.
4-11-2016 Addressing drug use, violence and HIV: Meet Wendee Wechsberg
4-11-2016 mHealth Insight: With early adopter phase for mHealth over, finding what is effective is next challenge
– Fierce Mobile Healthcare
4-7-2016 Do fitness trackers really work?
– ABC Radio Australia
4-6-2016 How we made clean energy bipartisan in North Carolina
– The Huffington Post
North Carolina’s clean energy policies have faced heavy debate and attacks. But in 2015, supporters of clean energy won legislators over with hard facts on the economy, jobs and electricity prices.
4-6-2016 Two who want to lead Durham Police Department face public scrutiny
4-6-2016 Finalists for Durham police chief meet the media
– The News & Observer