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7-28-2015 Survey: Only 48 percent of Americans wash their hands after cracking eggs
– Food Safety News
When it comes to eggs, consumers are pretty good at following two of the four key food safety messages — “separate” and “chill” — but when it comes to “clean” and “cook,” a bit more education might be required.
7-23-2015 Researchers: Widespread industry support key to success of health IT safety efforts
– Fierce Health IT
While the newly proposed Health IT Safety Center Roadmap for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT represents progress in terms of improving the implementation and use of tools within healthcare, strong, multistakeholder support will be necessary to ensure the industry stays on the right path, say researchers Dean Sittig and Hardeep Singh.
7-22-2015 Are we finally ready to invest in people, not prisons?
– Psychology Today Blog
I sometimes wonder where we’d be today if instead of declaring war on drugs in the 1970s, we had declared ourselves ready to help substance users quit.
7-22-2015 Most Americans crack eggs all wrong
– Fox News
It looks like most Americans are cracking eggs all wrong. By now, it should be common kitchen wisdom that handling raw eggs can get you sick.
7-20-2015 Onc-funded roadmap provides plan for hit safety center
– Health Data Management
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has released a plan for developing a national Health IT Safety Center, seeking to define the center’s focus, functions, governance and overall value.
7-20-2015 Sustained by science
– Chemical & Engineering News
Paul Greengard says he isn’t necessarily convinced he should be part of this story. He’s been told it’s about chemists who are still working in their 90s.
7-20-2015 Believe it or not, texting may help surgical patients with pain management
– Tech Times
Finally, there's some good news for frequent texters: a recent study shows that digital communication may help minimize the need for pain medication and management.
7-20-2015 ONC releases five-year roadmap for Health IT Safety Center
– Fierce Health IT
A new Health IT Safety Center Roadmap lays out a five-year plan for creating a federal center focused on aggregating data on health IT-related adverse events.
7-17-2015 Task force creates roadmap for health it safety center
– Healthcare Informatics
Despite all the progress and safety improvements from electronic ordering and clinical decision support, researchers continue to find hazards to patient safety associated with the introduction of these systems.
7-16-2015 Free Google Fiber; Aerie Phama expands RTP R&D,; IBM, RTI partner; coal ash recycling; iPod update
– WRAL Tech Wire
In today’s Bulldog update of technology news: Durham public housing residents to get Google Fiber free; Aerie Pharmaceuticals expanding R&D in the RTP; IBM, RTI partner; iPod touch updated; EPRI to study coal ash recycling for Duke.
7-15-2015 Africa: RTI, IBM partner to deploy big data analytics, cognitive technologies in Africa
– All
RTI International and IBM's Africa research lab have announced a partnership to deploy big data analytics and cognitive technologies to help transform development approaches in Africa and around the world.
7-15-2015 Kenya: Mombasa schools to benefit from IBM data analytics technology
– All
RTI International and IBM Africa research lab have announced a partnership to deploy big data analytics and cognitive technologies starting with schools in Mombasa County, Kenya.
7-14-2015 Study questions focus on serial offenders in preventing campus rape
A new study questions a long-held assumption by many that serial rape offenders should be the primary focus of campus assault prevention.
7-7-2015 Teens more likely to try e-cigs when exposed to ads, study finds
– The Hill
7-7-2015 Adolescent exposure to e-cigarette tv ads increases likelihood of future use
– Science Daily
7-7-2015 Adolescents more likely to try e-cigarettes when exposed to TV ads
– The Medical News
Adolescents who are exposed to e-cigarette TV advertising are more likely to try e-cigarettes in the future, according to a groundbreaking experiment from researchers at RTI International.
7-7-2015 USPSTF: 'No' to Routine Speech Delay Screening in Preschoolers
– Medpage Today
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) affirmed its 2006 recommendation of insufficient evidence (I statement) for routine screening for speech and language delay in children ages 5 and younger.
7-1-2015 Q-and-A with Dr. Brian Southwell
– Durham Magazine
Tune in to WNCU 90.7 FM on a Sunday evening, and you can learn about anything from job searching to human trafficking to Netflix for the deaf.
6-30-2015 Liberia: USAID-Eheld Honorees and Participants at Cuttington University in Bong County
– All
Agriculture scholars at the Cuttington University in Bong County have been awarded certificates of high performance in their studies.
6-29-2015 Former Peace Corps director takes on new role at RTI International
– WRAL TechWire
Aaron Williams, who left RTI International in 2009 to become director of the U.S. peace Corps then returned in 2012 as head of international development, is taking on a new role.
6-29-2015 Genome sequencing holds tremendous promise for infants, but issues abound
– The Kansas City Star
Kira Walker was born with a condition that stumped her doctors.