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1-28-2016 Two Years Later: Assessing Campus Climate Remains a Key Part of Changing Campus Culture
– The White House Blog
Two years ago, the White House established the Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. Here's what's happened since then.
1-27-2016 Expertos del RTI Internacional llegan a Guatemala para dirigir discusión sobre los retos y avances de inocuidad de alimentos en taller organizado con AGEXPORT
– Exprendedor Existoso
1-26-2016 Campus sexual assault study finds 21 percent of female undergraduates have been victims
– The Kansas City Star
Campus climate surveys reveal that sexual assault and rape on some college campuses continue at a high rate.
1-26-2016 Dual eligible pilots proving pricey, time consuming for states
– McKnight's Long-Term Care News
RTI's analysis found that many state officials did not anticipate the time it would take to align Medicare and Medicaid program policies, systems and procedures.
1-26-2016 Partnership established with Indian Institute of Technology at Gandhinagar
– The Chronicle
The collaboration was facilitated by RTI International, a research nonprofit that provides research and technical services to governments and universities.
1-25-2016 Why governments should pay attention to early childhood education
– The New Nation
RTI's vision is to maximize opportunities for young children around the globe to achieve their developmental potential.
1-24-2016 Analizarán retos de la inocuidad alimentaria
– Siglo 21
1-24-2016 Activity trackers are better at measuring some metrics over others
– Science World Report
Physical activity trackers can help measure certain health activities, like exercise, sleep and more. However, a new study shows that some metrics are easier to measure than others.
1-22-2016 McCaskill says new study should set aside doubts about campus assault claims
– St. Louis Post-Dispatch
One in 10 college women in a new survey said they were sexually assaulted during the 2014-2015 school year, and one in five said they had been assaulted over the course of their college years, according to a new survey by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics.
1-21-2016 Survey: 21% of undergraduate women have been sexually assaulted in college
– Education Dive
1-20-2016 There's no more denying campus rape is a problem. This study proves it.
– The Huffington Post
As many as one in four women experience sexual assault at college, though the vast majority never report it, according to a study of students at nine schools released Wednesday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
1-20-2016 Survey finds the percentage of undergraduate women at 9 colleges who were sexually assaulted during 2014-2015 academic year varied considerably
– Science Daily
In a survey of students at nine U.S. colleges and universities, the percentage of undergraduate women who experienced a sexual assault, defined as sexual battery or rape, during 2014-2015 academic year varied considerably -- rates varied among the 9 schools, ranging from 4 percent to 20 percent.
1-20-2016 21 Percent of Undergraduate Women Have Been Sexually Assaulted in College, Survey Finds
– The Chronicle of Higher Education
A survey of students on nine campuses found that 21 percent of female undergraduates reported having been sexually assaulted since starting college. On one campus, that proportion was 38 percent.
1-20-2016 Child sex workers' biggest threat: The police
– New Republic
Youth in the sex trade are a criminalized and stigmatized population, and it’s very difficult to survey them or get accurate statistics about their experiences.
1-19-2016 Why governments should pay attention to early childhood education
– Devex
Devex spoke to Katherine A. Merseth, early childhood development team leader at RTI International, who said the return on investment data show that focusing resources on supporting young children is a “no-brainer.”
1-14-2016 DOJ data crunchers step into lethal force debate
– Nextgov
The story of police brutality playing out on city streets, in news accounts and on cellphone video footage has been missing one data point – a federal accounting of the problem.
1-13-2016 CDC: E-cigarette companies ramp up ad spending, entice teens
The number of underage teens who smoke cigarettes has dropped since regulators began imposing stiff advertising restrictions in the 1970s. But a new report from the Centers for Disease Control says the number of young people who say they're exposed to ads for electronic cigarettes has skyrocketed.
1-13-2016 This new platform will amplify voices affected by global youth unemployment
– The Huffington Post
We believe the global conversation around youth unemployment and youth economic exclusion would benefit greatly from a deeper and genuine engagement with young people themselves.
1-12-2016 Teens who rate e-cigarette ads as effective more likely to try them in the future
– News Medical
Adolescents are more likely to say they will try electronic cigarettes if they perceive TV ads for these products as effective, according to a new study by RTI International researchers.
1-10-2016 UNC study determines effectiveness of physical fitness trackers
– Daily Tar Heel
The Gillings School of Global Public Health partnered with the research institute RTI International to see if Fitbits and other activity trackers are truly accurate.