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David Uglow

Data Management Systems Specialist

David Uglow joined RTI in 2003 from Mathematica, where he was director of the Information Systems group for 5 years. Mr. Uglow has a long-standing interest in innovative computer-assisted data acquisition techniques. At the Bureau of Labor Statistics, he managed the development of the first large-scale federal Windows-based, pen-based field data collection instruments for the Consumer Price Index. At RTI, he is the operations manager of the Research Computing Division, and is leading a research group in interactive voice response and other voice computing applications. He served as co-organizer of the FedCASIC conference between 1990 and 1997, and received the BLS Commissioner’s Awards for Eminent and Superior Achievement for the design and development of the Systems Development Life Cycle for all Consumer Price Index production software, and the 1998 Consumer Price Index Revision.


MA, Sociology, State University of New York at Stony Brook; BA, Sociology, University of New Hampshire.

Latest Publications

Lakshmikanthan, S., Golla, B.J., DeLatte, M.A., Dave, L.R., Savage, W., Uglow, D., Council, C.L., Grubbs, G.L., & Calvin, S.L. (2012). Innovative Methods of SAIS to Improve Substance Abuse Treatments. Presented at APHA 2012, San Francisco, CA, Oct 2012.
Uglow, D., & Davis, K.M. (2012). Recent Innovations at RTI International. Presented at FedCASIC 2012, Washington, DC, March 2012.
Lakshmikanthan , S., Golla, B.J., DeLatte, M.A., Dave, L.R., Savage, W., Uglow, D., Franceschini, G.E., Council, C.L., Grubbs, G.L., et al. (2011). Using Dashboards to Facilitate Substance Abuse Health Outcomes. Presented at APHA 2011, Washington, DC, October 2011.
Davis, K.M., & Uglow, D.A. (2006). Recent Innovations at RTI International. Presented at 10th Annual FedCASIC Conference, Washington, DC, March 14, 2006.
Bosley, J., Conrad, F.G., & Uglow, D. (1998). Pen CASIC: Design and usability. In Couper, M.P. (Eds), et al., Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection (pp. 521-542). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.
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  • Information System Design
  • Data Capture Technologies
  • Interface Design and Usability