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F. Henry Healey

Senior Education Scientist

F. Henry Healey has worked to improve developing country education systems from a policy, systems, governance, finance and/or political-economic perspective. He brings a repertoire of skills to this work, including policy, systems, financial, and budget analysis; visioning, strategic planning, school improvement planning, and financial planning; individual, institutional, and organizational development including training and training systems design, and policy/reform development; policy implementation and reform support; policy dialogue, advocacy, and constituency formation; as well as computer modeling, proposal writing, and project management. His work has focused on administrative, political and financial decentralization for improved education service delivery, performance, and accountability. This work has involved the development of funding formulas, the creation and institutionalization of social accountability linkages, the design of accounting and reporting mechanisms, and the formation of widely owned visions (detailed delineations) of high-quality decentralized education systems toward which policies, reforms, and plans can be oriented. Dr. Healey’s work has also focused on scale-up and sustainability, both in general and as they relate to early grade reading programs; specifically, the systemic and institutional “requirements” of successful scale-up and sustainability and their costs.


PhD, Education Development, Communications, Development Administration and Management, and Development Ethics, Cornell University; EdM, Educational Administration, Planning, and Social Policy, Harvard Graduate School of Education; BA, Molecular Biology, Princeton University.

Latest Publications

Healey, F.H., Hanna, R., & Attalla, H. (January 2016). Decentralization and decentralized education finance in Egypt (2007-2013): RTI Press Publication No. OP-0025-1601. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.
Healey, F.H., Crouch, L., & Hanna, R. (January 2014). Education finance in Egypt: Problems and a possible solution: RTI Press Publicaton No. OP-0017-1401. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.
Healey, F.H. (2013). Scaling Early Grade Reading Programs: Frameworks and Lessons Learned Through USAID and GPE Support. Presented at CIES 2013, New Orleans, LA, Mar 2013.
Healey, F.H., & Crouch, L. (August 2012). Decentralization for high-quality education: Elements and issues of design: RTI Press Publication No. OP-0008-1208. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.
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  • Education Policy
  • Education Finance
  • Institutional Development
  • Strategic Planning