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F. Henry Healey

Senior Education Scientist

F. Henry Healey has worked with education systems in more than 30 developing and transitioning nations as well as the United States to design and implement policy and reform strategies aimed at widespread and sustainable development. Dr. Healey's expertise includes systems and policy analysis, financial and cost analysis, strategic planning and visioning, decentralized education finance, and reform support. Dr. Healey is currently working in Egypt designing an approach to decentralized education finance that will help drive quality education and promote widespread accountability. Previously, he served as interim chief of party and chief technical officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development-funded Education Sector Reform Assistance (ESRA) project in Pakistan (2002–2007). Under ESRA, he oversaw all technical aspects including policy and planning, professional development, adult and youth literacy, public-private partnerships, public community partnerships, and information and communication technologies.


PhD, Education Development, Communications, Development Administration and Management, and Development Ethics, Cornell University; EdM, Educational Administration, Planning, and Social Policy, Harvard Graduate School of Education; BA, Molecular Biology, Princeton University.

Latest Publications

Education finance in Egypt: Problems and a possible solution
Healey, F.H., Crouch, L., & Hanna, R. (Jan 2014)
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