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Charles Ebel

Senior Manager, Research Computing Division

Charles Ebel is a veteran writer and educator in the field of sexual and reproductive health. In his previous work as a vice president of the American Social Health Association, a nonprofit organization that works to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and their consequences, Mr. Ebel directed patient support and education programs on genital herpes, genital HPV, and other infections. He has also conducted survey research on attitudes and knowledge concerning viral STDs. Mr. Ebel has authored three books and dozens of articles for the lay press. His books include Sexual Health: Questions You Have, Answers You Need and Managing Herpes: Living and Loving with HSV.


BA, Anthropology, Duke University.

Latest Publications

Counseling the patient with genital HPV infection
Zenilman, J.M. & Shahmanesh, M. (Eds.) (Jan 2012)
Managing Herpes: Living & Loving with HSV
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Counseling the patient who has genital herpes or genital human papillomavirus infection — Infectious Disease Clinics of North America
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Neonatal herpes should be a reportable disease — Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Handsfield, H.H., Waldo, A.B., Brown, Z.A., Corey, L., Drucker, J.L., Ebel, C.W., et al. (Jan 2005)
Patient and partner perceptions about preventing genital herpes transmission — Herpes: The Journal of the IHMF
Gilbert, L., Scanlon, K., Peterson, R., & Ebel, C. (Jan 2005)
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