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John S. Newman

Chief Engineer, Research Triangle Solar Fuels Institute

John Newman, PhD, is an expert in the analysis and design of electrochemical systems. For more than 47 years, Dr. Newman has been a professor of chemical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and a faculty senior scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He was associate editor for the Journal of the Electrochemical Society for 10 years starting in 1990. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and an honorary member of the Electrochemical Society. In October 2010, Newman was awarded The Acheson Medal of the Electrochemical Society, the highest award given by the Society. He has also received the Electrochemical Society's David C. Grahame Award of the Physical Electrochemistry Division, Henry B. Linford Award for Distinguished Teaching, Olin Palladium Medal for contributions to electrochemical science, and the Vittorio de Nora Award for contributions to electrochemical engineering and technology. Dr. Newman's book, Electrochemical Systems, is used throughout the world as a monograph and graduate text in electrochemical engineering. Now in its third edition, the first edition was also translated into Japanese and Russian.


PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley; MS, Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley; BS, Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University.

Latest Publications

He, F., Trainham, J., Parsons, G., Newman, J.S., & Li, F. (2014). A hybrid solar-redox scheme for liquid fuel and hydrogen coproduction. Energy & Environmental Science, 7 (6):2033-2042.
Berger, A., Segalman, R.A., & Newman, J. (2014). Material requirements for membrane separators in a water-splitting photoelectrochemical cell. Energy & Environmental Science, 7 (4):1468-1476.
Ferrese, A., & Newman, J. (2014). Modeling lithium movement over multiple cycles in a lithium-metal battery. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 161 (6):A948-A954.
Modestino, M.A., Walczak, K.A., Berger, A., Evans, C.M., Haussener, S., Koval, C., Newman, J.S., et al. (2014). Robust production of purified H2 in a stable, self-regulating, and continuously operating solar fuel generator. Energy & Environmental Science, 7 (1):297-301.
Bonino, C., Concepcion, J., Trainham, J., Meyer, T., & Newman, J. (2013). Water electrolysis with a homogeneous catalyst in an electrochemical cell. ECS Transactions, 58 (2):3-13.
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  • Electrochemical Analysis and Design
  • Solar Fuels
  • Renewable Energy
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics