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Patricia Tennis

Global Head of Epidemiology, RTI-HS

Patricia Tennis, PhD, came to RTI in 2002 from the pharmaceutical industry, where she helped design and implement drug safety studies and risk management activities related to use of medications. She has focused on drug safety, collaborating on studies of vaccine safety and on safety studies of medications in neurology, psychiatry, respiratory, and metabolic diseases. She has overseen numerous epidemiology studies and participated in regulatory discussions of drug safety issues with U.S., Canadian, and European agencies. Dr. Tennis has been the lead epidemiologist on studies that required implementation of a common protocol across multiple patient-centric databases, international pregnancy exposure registries, and projects to evaluate risk evaluation and minimization strategies. She is a leading researcher in pharmacoepidemiology and a fellow of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology.


MPH, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PhD, Biology, Case Western Reserve University; MS, Biology, Case Western Reserve University; BS, Zoology, University of Wisconsin.

Latest Publications

Risk evaluation and mitigation strategy assessments: Social science methodologies to assess goals related to knowledge
Andrews, E.B., Davis, K.H., DiBenedetti, D.B., Forsyth, B.H., Gilsenan, A.W., Hollis, K.A., Lewis, S.A., Price, M.A., Tennis, P.S., & Zografos, L.J. (Jan 2014)
Changes in the landscape of health care database research from 2000 to 2011
Riera-Guardia, N., Saltus, C.W., Bui, C.L., Harris, D.H., Kaye, J.A., Tennis, P., Castellsague, J., & Perez-Gutthann, S. (Aug 2013)
Characteristics of Initiators of Asthma Maintenance Medications in 10 Health Care Populations
Johannes, C., McQuay, L., Tennis, P., Camargo, C.A., Schatz, M., Midkiff, K., et al. (Aug 2013)
Identifying Causes of Death in a Large Cohort of Asthma Patients
Midkiff, K., Johannes, C., Tennis, P., Calingaert, B., McQuay, L., Harris, D.H., & Andrews, E. (Aug 2013)
Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy Assessments: Social Science Methodologies to Assess Goals Related to Knowledge
Andrews, E., DiBenedetti, D., Forsyth, B.H., Gilsenan, A., Hollis, K., Lewis, S., Price, M., Tennis, P., & Zografos, L. (Nov 2012)
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  • Therapeutic Outcomes and Safety
  • Drug Safety
  • Pharmacoepidemiology