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Niamh Darcy

Senior Systems Analyst

Niamh Darcy is a senior systems analyst with more than 25 years of experience in information and communication technologies (ICT), consulting, results-based management, and international development work. Ms. Darcy provides technical leadership and program management for international development projects that involve preparing Internet applications; providing access to relevant and timely information for national, local, and decentralized governments; carrying out evaluations, including cross-site evaluations; conducting ICT assessments; building health management information systems (HMIS); developing eLearning solutions; and assessing and managing local ICT development companies. She directs the Strengthening HIV strategic HMIS in Tanzania, and leads the data management activities for the Oxytocin Initiative in India and Ghana.


MS, Computer Science (summa cum laude), Northeastern University; BS, Electronic Engineering (summa cum laude), University College Dublin

Latest Publications

Elias, M., Mukela, J., Rulagirwa, H., Swai, A., Danford, H., Perera, S., & Darcy, N. (2014). eHealth Strategy transforming health care delivery in Tanzania. Presented at The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium, Washington D.C., November 15–19, 2014, 2014.
Pouezevara, S., Mekhael, S.W., & Darcy, N. (2014). Planning and evaluating ICT in education programs using the four dimensions of sustainability: A program evaluation from Egypt. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, 10 (2):120-141.
Stanton, C.K., Newton, S., Mullany, L.C., Cofie, P., Agyemang, C.T., Adiibokah, E., Amenga-Etego, S., Darcy, N., et al. (2013). Effect on postpartum hemorrhage of prophylactic oxytocin (10 IU) by injection by community health officers in Ghana: A community-based, cluster-randomized trial. PLoS Medicine, 10 (10):e1001524.
Stanton, C.K., Newton, S., Mullany, L.C., Cofie, P., Agyemang, C.T., Adiibokah, E., Darcy, N., et al. (2012). Impact on postpartum hemorrhage of prophylactic administration of oxytocin 10?IU via UnijectTM by peripheral health care providers at home births: Design of a community-based cluster-randomized trial. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 12 :42.
Viswanathan, M., Lux, L., Lohr, K.N., Swinson Evans, T., Rojas Smith, L., Woodell, C., Mansfield, C., Darcy, N., et al. (2011). Translating evidence-based interventions into practice: The design and development of the Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc. (MCAN). Health Promotion Practice, 12 (6, Suppl. 1):9S-19S.
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