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Carol Mansfield

Senior Economist

Carol Mansfield, PhD, specializes in empirical analysis of individual decision making for management and policy applications related to the environment and health. She has estimated benefits for environmental and health projects using both revealed and stated preference techniques including hedonic pricing, travel cost, cost-of-illness, averting behavior, benefit transfer, meta-analysis, contingent value, and conjoint surveys. She has extensive experience with survey-based data collection for preference elicitation and exposure analysis, including instrument design, management, and statistical analysis of the responses. Dr. Mansfield has managed numerous multi-disciplinary teams researching environmental health and natural resource management policies. Before joining RTI, Dr. Mansfield was an assistant professor in the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences.


PhD, Economics, University of Maryland, College Park; BA, Economics, Yale University.

Latest Publications

Van Houtven, G., Mansfield, C., Phaneuf, D.J., von Haefen, R., Milstead, B., Kenney, M.A., et al. (2014). Combining expert elicitation and stated preference methods to value ecosystem services from improved lake water quality. Ecological Economics, 99 :40-52.
Smith, V.K., Mansfield, C., & Strong, A. (2014). How should the health benefits of food safety programs be measured?. In Blomquist, G.C. & Bolin, K. (Eds.), Preference Measurement in Health (Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research Series, Vol. 24) (pp. 161-202). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd..
Grieger, K.D., Sayes, C., Hendren, C.O., Rothrock, G., Mansfield, C., Jayanty, R.K.M., & Ensor, D. (2013). Finding the key to responsible nanomaterial development. EHS Today, Dec .
Smith, V.K., Mansfield, C., & Klaiber, A. (2013). Terrorist threats, information disclosures, and consumer sovereignty. Information Economics and Policy, 25 (4):225-234.
Mansfield, C., Finkelstein, E., Wood, D., & Rowe, B. (Mar 2013). Evaluating welfare improvements from changes in homeland security policies. Research Triangle Park, NC: Institute for Homeland Security Solutions.
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