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James R. Chromy

Senior Fellow, Statistics

James Chromy, PhD, is a leading statistician with more than 40 years of experience in sampling theory and application, survey design, and statistical analysis. At RTI, he has led many large-scale surveys; he helped design the sample and data collection methodology for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) first conducted by RTI in 1969 and currently serves on the NAEP Validity Studies Panel. He has experience in all aspects of area probability sampling and household interview surveys and currently serves as operational director for statistics for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Dr. Chromy developed the theory and computational algorithm for selecting minimum replacement probability proportional to size samples, and he developed a computer algorithm for efficient sample allocation that minimizes total survey cost subject to satisfying multiple variance constraints. He is an adjunct professor of statistics at North Carolina State University and an associate editor for the Journal of Official Statistics.


PhD, Mathematical Statistics, North Carolina State University; MS, Experimental Statistics, North Carolina State University; BS, Technical Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska.

Latest Publications

Rogers, S.M., Turner, C.F., Hobbs, M., Miller, W.C., Tan, S., Roman, A.M., Eggleston, E., Villarroel, M.A., Ganapathi, L., Chromy, J.R., et al. (2014). Epidemiology of undiagnosed trichomoniasis in a probability sample of urban young adults. PLoS one, 9 (3):e90548.
Rogers, S.M., Turner, C.F., Miller, W.C., Erbelding, E., Eggleston, E., Tan, S., Roman, A., Hobbs, M., Chromy, J., Muvva, R., & Ganapathi, L. (2014). Gender-based screening for chlamydial infection and divergent infection trends in men and women. PLoS one, 9 (2):e89035.
Beaton, A.E., & Chromy, J.R. (Dec 2010). NAEP trends: Main NAEP vs. Long-term trend. San Mateo, CA: American Institutes for Research.
Iannacchione, V.G., Morton, K., McMichael, J.P., Shook-Sa, B., Ridenhour, J.L., Stolzenberg, S.J., Bergeron, D., Chromy, J.R., et al. (2010). The best of both worlds: A sampling frame based on address-based sampling and field enumeration, Proceedings of the Survey Research Methods Section (ASA), .
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