RTI International to support effort to reduce blindness caused by trachoma in Mozambique

December 19, 2014

As part of an effort to end blindness caused by trachoma, the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust named RTI International the coordinating agency to provide essential support to the Mozambique Trachoma Control Programme for scaling-up trichiasis surgery in Mozambique through implementing partners Sightsavers and Light for the World.

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New radio show to feature stories from social science, hosted by RTI International’s Brian Southwell

December 17, 2014

A new radio show on WNCU-FM (90.7 in the Raleigh-Durham broadcast market) will feature stories from social science and interviews by host Brian Southwell, Ph.D., director of the Science in the Public Sphere Program at RTI International.

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New imaging catheter for treatment of heart disease could reduce cardiac intervention complications

December 15, 2014

An emerging 3-D imaging catheter aims to provide cardiologists with a live view from inside the heart during cardiac catheterizations. Developed by RTI International, the catheter contains an ultrasound microarray made using semiconductor circuit fabrication that can provide unprecedented volumetric field-of-view, in real time.  

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