Community Supported Agriculture: Welcome

Note: Parking for CSA

The CSA delivery vehicles now use the parking lot that served the former Dreyfus Building. The farmers are easily visible from East Institute Drive. If you arrive by car from East Institute Drive, you can park anywhere in the large lots next to Buildings 3, 5, and 9.

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Fresh produce, delivered weeklyFresh Products Direct from the Farm
to You

RTI International is proud to host the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program in the heart of the Research Triangle Park.

If you work in the Park or live nearby, you can pick up local vegetables, fruits, eggs, and free-range and organic meats weekly at RTI.

How CSA Works

Our participating farmers grow and sell a wide variety of wholesome food items.

You sign up with the supplier of your choice. For farm products, you agree to purchase one or more "shares" (see Participating Farmers). A share represents your part of that session's harvest—usually enough to supply one household.

There's nothing like a fresh peach!

Once a week, on Thursday afternoons between 4 and 6 p.m., you come to RTI and pick up your deliveries (see Map and Directions). It's that simple. You and your family enjoy a bounty of high-quality, fresh products; in return, our participating farmers are assured of a continuing level of purchases.

RTI's employees have enjoyed the advantages of community-supported agriculture since 2003. We invite you to join us and share the goodness.

These pages explain more about the community supported agriculture concept, and give sign-up details, the CSA schedule for the year, and directions to the location where you will pick up your food shares.

If you have additional questions, please contact Karen Lauterbach at 541-5960 [] or Jamie Wescott at 485-5573 [].

Walk-Up Sales

Fruit, vegetables, and meat are available each week for walk-up customers.