Interactive 2014 Annual Report Launched

Our annual report takes a project-by-project look at how we are making an impact all over the globe.

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Designing a statewide voluntary newborn screening program

Our experts are leading the efforts to design a statewide voluntary newborn screening program.

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Examining reasons why students leave STEM majors

We found one-third of college STEM majors switch fields by graduation.

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Researching e-cigarette vapor

We released a new research paper that explores the composition of e-cigarette vapor and the potential health impacts of secondhand exposure.

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Celebrating the 100th publication of RTI Press

RTI Press published its 100th publication, extending the reach of our research and technical expertise.

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Using drones for social science research

We partnered with NC State University to better understand how drones can be used for research, particularly statistical sampling for social science research.

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Leading research to examine the public health impacts of e-cigarettes

We're on the leading edge of research to examine the public health impacts of e-cigarette marketing, exposure and use.

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